Meet your photographer

Hello, I am Della.

My three C's of while I love photography. Creating, Capturing and Collaborating. I moved to Ottawa in 2006 but I will always be an East-coaster at heart.

Whether it's through photography, art, design, decorating, building, revamping, etc.; no matter the medium, it is my passion.

I live a pretty simple life. A wonderful husband and two adorable chihuahua's.

One of my favourite things about photography, is that I always have the opportunity to meet new people, and for an extrovert, what is better than that :)

Owner photographer Findlay Creek Ottawa South Studio

Hello, I am Roxy

For as long as I can remember, my memory, or lack thereof, has always had a big impact on my life. There are so many days I wish I could remember with even a little clarity, milestones most people would have engrained in their minds for life.

So a many years ago I took a wise persons advice to start taking pictures, lots of pictures, she said, "you have no idea how many memories a simple snapshot can uncover".

This changed my life in so many more ways then just helping with my memory!

And I couldn't image looking back!

Owner photographer Kanata Ottawa West Studio

Kind Words

Portrait headshot photographer Findlay Creek Ottawa South Studio

“I had such a great experience photographing my personal brand with della. She has an uncanny ability to draw out your true, genuine self without feeling awkward. it's a fun time with excellent results!”

Portrait headshot photographer Findlay Creek Ottawa South Studio

“Working with In Spades as a for photography is so much fun. They are always prepared and know how to ask you to pose. Their bubbly personalities will put you at ease within seconds. Their attention to detail and their creativity makes any photoshoot inspiration come to life.
Della & Roxy's wide range of knowledge in photography makes them versatile as professionals.”

Graduation Portrait headshot photographer Findlay Creek Ottawa South Studio

“My family and I love having our photos done by In Spades. We have hired them several times and have never been disappointed. Their creativity and the way they can think outside the box or on the spot, makes the sessions even more fun. We are always happy to hire In Spades for our family photos.”

Portrait headshot photographer Findlay Creek Ottawa South Studio Fur friends dog motorcycle

“Woof Woofwoofwoof Wof!!”