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In a world increasingly driven by visual content, product and commercial photography has secured a pivotal position in the marketing toolkit. Through the lens of talented photographers, the essence of products is  captured and transformed into compelling narratives, driving consumer engagement and sales. Within this vibrant field, the Ottawa product and commercial photographers at In Spades are making their mark.

Product on White

or Solid Color

First impressions matter. Product photography creates & shapes a customer's first impression of your brand, therefore; plays a critical role in online sales.

Did you know that people nowadays process images in just 13 milliseconds?

With more people shopping online, product photography has never been more important. In fact, strong, true-to-life product photos help boost sales and reduce customer disappointment, returns & exchanges by 36 percent and 87 percent of consumers say that product photos are very important when making a purchase decision online.


-8 Products  $45 per Product

9-20 Products  $35 per Product

21-50 Products  $30 per Product

50-99 Products  $25 per Product

100+ Products  $15 per Product

Additional Information

Angles: Add $2 for each additional angle/image

Background removal: Add $5 per image for background removal

Rush delivery:

3 business days - $10 additional charge per photo

1 business day - $30 additional charge per photo

Clothing on Model

We do 15 minutes per clothing item/outfit (this accounts for editing time) at a rate of $250/hour.

This equals a rate of $62.50 per look.

We provide an image of the front, side and back view, as well as a close up if required. A total of 4-5 images per look.

Client to provide accessories if outfit requires them.

Excludes models, hair and make up. The average rate for a local model is between $50 - $150 an hour depending on look and experience. Many models are equipped to do their own hair and make up depending on the look.

Amazon Compliant

We keep up to date with their requirements so you don't have to!

White background images are delivered in a fully compliant format with a pure white 255 background.

E-Commerce Ready Photos with or without shadows.

If your products are larger than our table tops, consist mainly of shiny or metallic surfaces or glassware, jewellery of metals, group arrangements, or require turn table video please contact us for possible advanced rates.

Styled Flatlays

Flatlay product photography is the trendiest type of social media, which is taken from a birds eye view. It creates a story around the product, that helps represent it. The storytelling is achieved by carefully considering the props within the frame and how they are carefully laid out.

The photo should be dynamic, with colorful or similar colored items that are commonly used with the product you’re shooting. Attention to the color palette is important, as your aim is to not distract away from the product of importance but instead create a well-coordinated image with a visual punch.


1 Product  $75 per Image

2-5 Products  $70 per Image

6-10 Products  $65 per Image

11-20 Products  $60 per Image

21+ Products  $55 per Image

So many options!

Choose from our collection of 30+ beautiful background options with various solid colors and textures.

At In Spades, we have quite the assortment of props and are continually investing in more. However, we also encourage our clients to provide props and trinkets that resonate with their product and brand as well.

Lifestyle Product Photography

The goal of lifestyle product photography is to show your product within a styled scene, with/without models, to demonstrate the main purpose of this product and how a potential customer can use it.

A significant element of lifestyle product photography is the human emotions it will evoke. Since people tend to make choices based on their emotional reactions, you need to impact the part of the brain responsible for emotions whenever you are taking lifestyle product shots.

Tell a Story with action Shots!!

What makes lifestyle product photography different from the traditional approach, is how relatable and interactive it is. When you see a product in its natural context, it creates more convincing results than seeing it against a plain white background.


1 Product  $75 per Product

2-5 Products  $70 per Product

6-10 Products  $65 per Product

11-20 Products  $60 per Product

21+ Products  $55 per Product

Props & Models

Using models to showcase your products will attract wider audiences. People understand how to use the product, how it can be applied to their lives, and it also gives a clear understanding of the various features.

Additional fees apply when adding models, body parts, extensive prep such as cooking, etc. Please contact us directly with your specific needs, so that we may provide a proper quote.



Send us an email and let's set up a meeting to discuss all your product photography needs.


During our virtual meeting, we will better understand your vision. From here we can provide an estimate based on the information provided, and of course answer any and all questions/concerns you may have.


Once we have all the details, we will send a detailed estimate outlining everything that was discussed. You review the estimate and give us the thumbs up. (or an email that says, "Yes, let's move forward")


Many of our clients pack up a few boxes and use Canpar or UPS for door to door delivery. If you live in Ottawa, you can choose to hand deliver or make arrangements for one of our teammates to pick up. *Pick up and delivery fees apply


Upon arrival, we will unbox, unwrap, and untag all your products. We also delint, steam and double check everything that has been received.


Ahh the best part has arrived. For product on white, your products will be photographed to match your existing products or as discussed. For flatlay and lifestyle, your products will be photographed to match your brand and vision.


After the shoot, all photos are professionally retouched.

We will provide your photos in the file format and size of your choosing to be ready to upload to your website or e-commerce platform of choice.


We will package up all your products and get them ready to be returned. Provide a pre-paid return slip in your packages if you would like them shipped back or set up a date for pick up.


Why is Product photography important?

Great product photography is essential for convincing consumers to buy products. According to Justuno, 93% of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision. Most importantly the quality of the visuals you'll use to show how your products look is ESSENTIAL.

Where are you based and do you travel?

We are based in the Ottawa south area called Findlay Creek. We do travel, but most of our product photography is done in studio. Please reach out for a copy of our Product photography booklet for more detailed information.

When will we get our photos?

In Spades has a pretty decent turnaround time. We strive to have your images delivered within a few days. We always ask for up to 14 days; however, it is very rare that time frame is needed.

How does the process work?

First we start with a conversation. This allows us the opportunity to learn learn more about your brand, products, services, and expected outcomes. Then you have the option to deliver the products to the studio or have them picked up (fees may apply and only available in the Ottawa area). After the photo shoot is complete, your digitals will be delivered and your products will be packaged and available for pick up or returned provided we received a return slip.

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